Applicants should apply for a visa well in advance of their travel date. Do not purchase an airline ticket before your visa is issued.
The Consulate – General issues different kind of Visa:

  • Tourist visa
  • Business visa
  • Transit visa
  • Courtesy or Diplomatic visa
  • Service visa
  • Visa for Temporary Stay (M.K.V)


All applicants :

  • One visa form 
  • A valid passport ( valid at least 6 months)
  • One photo; for photo instructions click here
  • One money order with exact amount
  • A separate money Order of $ 16 for the return mail
  • An itinerary from an airline

Business applicants need a letter of invitation from the business in Suriname acting as the referent and one document proofing where the applicants business is based and the branch the business operates in.

Minors ( 0-17) must provide an affidavit ( certified) of no objection from the parents of the child if the child is traveling with someone other than the parents.

Note: Business and Tourist applicants with a passport other than an USA passport or a country on the visa agreement list of Suriname, need to submit their form first and wait 2-3 weeks before submitting their documentation and money-order.
For a list of countries Suriname has a Visa Waiver Agreement with click here


    • Step one: Complete and submit online visa form
      You will receive an email from our visa department if we received your application.
    • Step two: buy money-order with exact amount of $16 for the return mail
    • Step three: check if passport is valid.( 6 months)
    • Step four: mail all requirements to the Consulate.

Note: at this stage, do not call the Consulate General. Provide us with a valid email address (mandatory) and you will receive an email with information about your completed form, arrival of your documents and when your visa has been mailed.

Drop Off: applicants can also visit the Consulate for a visa. You can fill out your online application at our office and provide us with your money-order , photo and valid passport. Business applicants and minors need also to submit the required documentation.

Visa Processing Fees
Type of Visa/ American Passport Holders Fee
Tourist Visa: $100
Business Visa: $100
Visa for temporary stay (MKV): 3 months single $45
Type of Visa/ Non American Passport Holders
Tourist Visa: 2 months multiple entry $ 45
Tourist Visa: 2 months single entry $ 45
Tourist Multiple: 1 Year $200
Tourist Multiple: 3 Years $210
Business Visa: 2 months (single/Multiple) $60
Business Multiple: 2 years $360
Transit Visa $15

*All visa applications will be evaluated separately.


We accept: money – orders or cashiers checks in exact amount.
We do not accept: personal checks , unwritten money- orders, money- orders not in the name of the applicant and cash.
Note: There are no refunds once your application and money order is submitted.


The full name of the applicant must be written in readable neat and clear letters.
The Consular Service you are paying for.
The address of the applicant
For examples click here


Foreigners who have the intention to stay in Suriname longer than 3 months can apply for a visa for temporary stay the so called M.K.V
During the process to obtain the M.K.V. visa applicant can not travel to Suriname on a regular tourist visa or a tourist card.
If traveled by business or tourist visa to Suriname one cannot apply for the permit for temporary stay.
Applications can be submitted at the Consulate or send by mail.


        • Complete and submit online MKV form.
        • Two recent passport photos of good quality and contrast/ per person.
        • Copy of all written pages in the passport (Stamps, Visas, etc..).
        • An original copy of birth certificate with apostil legalization
        • An original certificate of good conduct with (apostil/ Legalization).
        • Evidence of exportable benefits and or incomes, bank accounts, pensions, etc.
        • In case of Internship: copy of training agreement, the original be submitted in Suriname
        • In case of Volunteer: a confirmation letter or contract from organization
        • In case of Business: a copy of the employment agreement, employer statement (original should be submitted in Suriname).
        • Money order or Cashiers check.
        • Proof of Residence (if applicable)
        • Proof of Marital Status:
        • If married/ divorced/single/ widow;
        • Copy of marriage license/divorce certificate/ proof of widowhood (with apostil legalization)
        • If cohabitating (partner relationship); proof of cohabitation in the country  of origin, e.g: Cooperation Agreement, proof of enrollment.
        • Authorization by parents and a copy of the marriage certificate:
          –If the minor child is traveling alone;
          –If the minor child is traveling with one parent who jointly exercises parental authority (with Apostil legalization)
        • In case of Guardianship/ Adoptive Child: a copy of the judicial decision (with apostil/Legalization)
        • If the applicant does not have sufficient financial resources for their stay in Suriname, a copy of the original Guarantor Statement must be submitted in Suriname.
        • Proof of medical coverage: a letter from your insurance company stating that you are covered, for the stay period.
        • A recent Certificate of Health

Other Details:
The passport should not be less than six months valid upon arrival in Suriname. The person who has submitted an application, does not qualify for a tourist card, tourist or  business visa during the period in which his/her application is pending.